I have always been a pretty traditional housekeeper. You see, I work from home and both my wife and I entertain clients at the house. It is a mistake to have a house that is too daring and adventurous if it is where you also do business. It can be pretty hard for me, however. I am pretty playful in many ways, and I love to be able to change my surroundings to fit my whims. This is why I let myself indulge in some pretty outlandish backyard landscaping ideas. If I did not have a chance to put some of my backyard ideas into play, it would not even feel like this house was mine.

Not every backyard ideas that I have is off the wall. Some of them, as a matter of fact, are pretty straight forward. I have a garden filled with beautiful flowers and a winding path. I have normal looking box hedges there to block off the yard from my neighbors. From there, however, things get pretty strange. I really let my imagination have the chance to run wild when I am landscaping the backyard.

A lot of my backyard ideas involve raised walkways and catwalks. We have an above ground pool in the middle of the yard, and right now I am building an elevated walkway to it. The walkway, however, does not actually reach the pool. Instead, it stops above it. This means that you can climb out the second floor window, take a few steps and jump into the pool. If this design works well, I might even build a zip line next, but who knows.

A lot of my design is based on backyard party ideas. A lot of people around here have backyard fire pits, but they aren’t like mine. This is perhaps the most impressive backyard fire pit you have ever seen! It is 6 feet across and surrounded by a bronze lip to keep the fire inside. It might seem like one of those showy, non-functional backyard ideas when you first get a look at it, but it is really impressive at night. It lights up almost the whole yard, and the flame reflecting off of the bronze is really quite impressive. When I see some of my stranger and more creative backyard ideas work out, it always makes me feel proud. After all, not everyone would have the guts to try the things that I do!

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