Subterranean termite treatment is available for people who are struggling with this specific type of infestation. These types of colonies are present in the ground, and they exist in vertical tunnels. This unique type of structure makes for a unique challenge to pest control specialists and homeowners who are tackling the problem on their own, and the termite treatment cost can stack up if you don’t get it properly taken care of. It is also possible that the termites have formed tunnels through cracks in the concrete. This is the reason that even slab homeowners have trouble with ground termites.

Tunnels made by the subterranean species are used for protection and transportation of their food. These often look like mud tubes when viewed from above-ground. If you see these in your yard, then you can almost be assured that is the type of species you are faced with. These types of termites will die if they are exposed to the air for long enough, meaning they need soil to stay alive.

Types of Subterranean Termite Treatments

One option you have to get rid of these pests is to buy a liquid termiticide that can put a chemical barrier between the structure and soil the termites live in. If any other insects are in the building, they won’t be able to get back to the soil for their required moisture. Anything stuck inside the soil will not be able to escape, in addition. Some of the most popular brands of these chemical products are easily found on and other online retail sites.

You may also want to consider using non-repellent termiticides if you want to use something powerful that is undetectable by the insects when it is in the soil. They will come into contact with the chemical ingredients when they are tunneling, which will kill them. Termidor is one of the most popular non-repellent products on the market, which contains the ingredient fipronil. Through communal feeding and transmission through contact, termites can pass on this toxic chemical to one another. It is a long-lasting and effective chemical in soil, making it relatively expensive compared to other options. This may be one of the best choices for you if you are looking for a truly effective solution to your infestation problem.

If you need spot treatments for subterranean termites, then a foam aerosol product like Premise may be of use to you. This is injected directly into the infested wood to deliver imodocloprid to the colonies. This ingredient slowly kills the insects rather than immediately, unless they come into contact with a lethal dose. Otherwise they will become lethargic and neglect to go through normal feeding, grooming, and eating behaviors. These indirect symptoms cause them to die, and the colony will collapse. You can also use Premise and other imodocloprid treatments on wider areas, but it will be somewhat costly when compared to pyrethroid subterranean termite treatment.

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