Home garden gazebos add value and beauty to your landscaping while providing you with a place of escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Add a gazebo to your summer project list, and reap the benefits in your backyard.

Before building a gazebo, decide if you want to build from scratch or from a kit. To build from scratch, you will need detailed instructions, a 3-D sketch, materials, time and carpentry skills in order to accurately and correctly assemble the gazebo with limited stress. Kits include the materials and instructions and are available in square, hexagonal or octagonal designs with an open, enclosed or elevated frame. With either project, you need power tools, safety goggles, heavy gloves and at least one helper.

The type of material you choose depends on your personal preference. Beautiful red cedar withstands harsh New Brunswick winters. Pre-treated lumber resists termites and decay. Longevity and minimal maintenance define vinyl. All three popular materials produce an attractive, sturdy and weather-resistant gazebo after assembly.

Begin your project by choosing the gazebo’s location. Consider the view, slope and overall landscaping design when choosing a location. Additionally, secure the necessary building permits before starting construction.

After selecting the ideal gazebo location, mark it with landscaping paint. Remove any grass or flowers before digging holes for the posts. Rent or borrow a posthole auger to dig deep, 30-inch holes into the ground. Erect the poles into the holes, and set the poles in place with quick-setting concrete.

Connect planks to the cedar posts as the bottom framework for the gazebo. For an accurate build, level the planks before permanently affixing them to the posts with deck screws. Cut cross supports and a center post for stability before attaching the floorboards.

After completing the floor, build the walls. If you are building from scratch, you can be creative by adding lattices, arches or other imaginative designs. Kits easily assemble with hook and grooves. Attach the walls securely to the floor before assembling and placing the roof. Shingle the roof for aesthetic value and weather protection.

Now that you have completed the gazebo build, customize it by installing protective mosquito netting, a relaxing porch swing or a lockable gate. Create an attractive transition between the new wooden structure in your lawn and the existing landscaping by laying paving stones or a pathway entrance from the house to the gazebo, planting flowers around the gazebos’ perimeter or starting a climbing rose bush on one wall.

Whether you choose to build your gazebo from scratch or assemble a kit, enjoy your garden addition for years to come. Create a backyard oasis your friends and family will appreciate. Meditate quietly as the day dawns. Read a good book, watch your grandchildren play or oversee a weekly barbecue. Host an outdoor wedding and reception. Install a hot tub or Jacuzzi. Relax with cocktails during a beautiful sunset. Expand your outdoor living space and your home’s value when you build a gazebo you can cherish for many years.

Maire loves the great outdoors. When she isn’t blogging on the behalf of Sears and their other quality products she can be found in her garden.

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