I enjoyed container gardening and since we bought our home and now have lots of space I have cut back a bit on the container gardens. Although we still have a few and this year I am planning to use my son’s worn out work boots he just replace. They are a size 13 and will make great containers for many some pansies or Jenny’s favourites petunias.

The thing is I have always had a problem with keep enough water in the containers so that our plants don’t dry out, yet enough drainage to keep the roots from drowning. We couldn’t go to work without returning home to sick droopy looking plants.

Well I found this helpful article this morning and thought I would it with you. Let me know what you thing.

How To Water Your Container Garden

Watering garden window boxes is an ongoing process and yet they can dry out so fast if you haven’t planned for water while you’re working or away for a day or two. The rest of this article is focused on how to save time watering your container gardens.

If you’re planting a hanging basket, line it with supamoss rather than sphagnum moss. This is a product made from dyed recycled cotton fibres. This lining is pre-punched with needle holes to permit water to drain from it while still preserving almost all of the water for the plants. It is simple to make holes in this material for easy planting and is not unsightly.

If you are using sphagnum moss or a coconut fibre liner, place a plastic liner made from a green trash bag within the pot. Cut slits to allow for drainage and plant your pot as normal. Using this technique, you will find your basket holds moisture for a longer period of time.

An alternative way of saving water in your hanging baskets is to place a saucer in the base of your planter before adding the soil. This will collect water and keep it available for the roots of your plants.

Self-watering pots will be available at garden and nursery centres. These containers have a water reservoir that may hold up to 1 or 2 quarts of water which is continuously wicked up into the soil. These are a great solution if you like container gardening but also need to be away from home a couple of days at a time. Check this page for more hints on watering container plants while on holiday .

Many gardeners depend on moisture absorbing crystals, while others swear at them. The first group feel that the timed release action of the crystals keeps the pot soil damp longer, thereby extending the time between watering’s. The latter feel the crystals absorb all of the water and keeps it from the plant roots. This is a debate I am not going to win no matter what side I take, so you’ll need to test this on your own and see how this product works for you.

Gloria Daniels has been gardening for over 40 years. Her site, Container Gardening Guide contains tips and videos for gardeners of all levels. Check out More About Hanging Baskets for information about planting and watering hanging garden container baskets.

I see a few container gardens on my daily walk. The one I wanted to show you I could find but this little container garden is a great idea and looked pretty cool when it was full of tomatoes.

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