We have found our food can have so much more impact when we use fresh herbs from our herb container garden. We love it so much that we have an indoor and outdoor herb garden.

Where one lives has a big part of how you grow your herb garden as not all of us has a yard to grow in and instead have only a balcony for your garden. Apartment living is how many live including myself.

I’m a single person in my 20s and never really thought I could grow an herb garden in the limit space I have both inside and outside on my balcony. However, after visiting and reading a few home gardening websites, I was excited to give home gardening on my balcony a go and I started with herbs to go with my love of cooking.

The rest of this article is a step by step guide on how I started my first apartment friendly herb garden in containers. What I did won’t be a surprise to any gardeners but for newbies like myself it’s amazing to have my own little home garden! Hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Purchase Your Home Garden Supplies

I went out shopping and found a couple of herb plants that were already full grown to start my little home garden.

I chose Cilantro and Mint plants as my first herbs. I guess I was a bit impatient to wait for my new seeds to start growing and bought these to add to my cooking while I was waiting.

Next, I moved on to getting the supplies I would need to grow herbs and bought two packs, Parsley and Dill seeds.

I have a very sunny balcony but it’s not sunny all the time so I checked to see that these herbs would grow well on my 11th floor balcony. It would have been disappointing to learn after the fact.

Then it was on to get a few pots for containers to hold my new herb seeds. I like spending locally so I went to a discount pottery store close to where I live.

As you can see from the image above I chose cute colors that go well together. If you have nothing local a good place to look is online, of course, and I recommend shopping online when I can’t find things in my area. I highly recommend shopping online for bulk pottery.

And the last item before heading back to my balcony was some good potting soil.

Step 2: Now It’s Planting Time

I bought the herb plants in the smaller post so I needed to re-pot once I was home so they could grow bigger roots and give me more and more herbs.

The only thing is I didn’t think about the depth I needed and bought containers that were too shallow to plant my Cilantro. Lesson learned, buy deeper pots and containers next time.

It was a quick trip back to the store for slightly deeper pots.

When I was planting my Parsley and Dill seeds I made the choice to plant them together in the same container. We’ll see how that goes as they both require the same things, water and sunlight.

Following the instructions on the seed packs I planted my herb seeds at about a half inch deep and then gave them a good watering to settle the soil and remove unnecessary air pockets. Then I waited for Mother Nature to take over.

Step 3: Fresh Herbs Make Dinners So Tasty

I have already been using the herbs I bought which were growing in pots already. It just takes a small amount to change a meal for the better. Having my own tiny herb garden is so cool and rewarding.

I am so excited about herb gardening on my balcony that I’m out there checking on them every hour, just to admire my work. It was so much easier than I ever imaged growing herbs would be. It’s a dream come true and it’s only just begun for me.

I hope that you get as inspired over herb gardening in small spaces like your patio or balcony as I have gotten. Such a rewarding hobby for so little work.

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