Only a few people are aware that the origin of watermelon is from Africa, however, growing watermelon is popular almost everywhere, as it is one of the favorite fruits for both old and young. It is well-liked for its added advantage to grow during the entire year. Watermelon has a large water content and is rich in nutrients which are very useful to the human body. This fruit is liked by huge numbers of people for its unique feature of possessing several vitamins and nutrients which act as a good source in providing essential elements to the human body.

Watermelon is one of the many healthy fruits which can be grown right in your home garden. It requires plentiful of sunlight, a good amount of water and some space. As it originates from Africa, it requires a very hot climate for its growth. It grows for only 3 months. The soil for growing watermelon should be fertile and rich in manure; it also requires lot of sunlight in addition to water and fertilizers. As the saying goes, all great things require proper fruit and vegetable garden planning plus plenty of time; even growing watermelon needs a lot of time.

For growing watermelons, just like for instance for growing broccoli, soil is considered as one of the important elements which, should be rich in fertile and manure. Firstly to grow watermelons seeds are to be sown in the soil. The temperature must be around 25 degree Celsius. The seeds should be planted deep about one inch into the soil and five feet away from one plant to another. It provides enough space for the plants to grow. The soil used for growing should be rich in fertile with manure which makes the process easy to grow watermelons. The plant gets enough nutrition if the soil is rich in manure and fertile which helps to get rid of bugs which usually affect the plant. Some of the experts suggest using nitrogen and phosphorus which is beneficial in the growth of the plants in addition to plenty of water. Make use of plastic mulch to cover the plants in order not to get spoiled.

When is it time to reap the fruit? The time to reap is calculated by tapping the fruit. It’s ready if the sound is hollow. Watermelons turn yellowish if they are ready. The stem of the watermelon dies once the fruit becomes ripe. When you see these signs, it’s time to reap the tasty fruit.

Growing watermelon can test your patience as it takes a considerable amount of time to grow, but the rewards are well worthwhile.

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