Spring is just around the corner but there is still plenty to do for your lawn. You want a rich color, a thick carpet, and no crabgrass! You want a lawn that stands out, looks professionally serviced, and adds value to your home. With some simple tips, it’s not so hard to do. Be spring ready with these four lawn care tips.

Clean the Surroundings

Before you tackle your lawn, check the stepping stones, the walkways, anything of concrete or mortar. These items can get slick and nasty looking in a hurry. I find that going over them before spring with a good heavy-duty cleaning machine, like a pressure washer, can really get off the gunk in a hurry and leave behind stones and pavement that look brand new. This can make the colors of the lawn pop when the stones are clean.

Buy Your Seed and Feed

This is the time to go ahead and buy your seed and lawn feed. It is the time of year to get the best selection and get a head start on the season. Get a fertilizer that is a bit nitrogen-light on the label. A reduction in nitrogen will keep your lawn from getting massive top growth while your root system is suffering. A bit of seed on hand can help you start to fill in the dead spots that may have occurred through the winter.

Start Cleaning up the Lawn

When the soil is dry enough, start to rake the yard gently and get rid of all the winter debris that has started to pile up. There are going to be branches or twigs, leaves, and other weather-related lawn debris. Get it all up early so that when the weather starts being warm and sunny, your lawn can benefit from it and won’t still be covered up.

Get Ready to Destroy Crabgrass

By about late April/early May of the year, you can start your war on crabgrass by getting a good quality herbicide. Crabgrass usually starts its growth in the middle of the month of May, so you can get a head start this way. You should be getting a preemergence herbicide, meaning you’re trying to kill it before its germinating. You definitely want this down before you start to see crabgrass in the lawn.

These tips can help you get a good head start to the spring season and have a yard that will make the neighborhood proud and your neighbors jealous.

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