One thing a home gardener will eventually ask themselves is how to keep dogs out of flower beds. Dogs, and other animals for that matter, can wreak havoc on your beautifully tended and kempt gardens. You will end up pouring hours of hard work down the drain if you do not know how to keep dogs out of flowerbeds.

Here are a few tips and suggestions that you can use that will hopefully keep your furry friends out of your garden and having your enjoying the fruits of your labor all season long.

How To Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds: Gardening Fence

keep dogs out of my home gardenOne of the easiest and most decorative options is a small-lightweight gardening fence. These fences can add a bit of decorative charm to your gardens and are available in a variety of colors and style to fit your landscape décor.

These small fences can be a really effective way when you need to know how to keep dogs out of flower beds. Big box home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot will have a large selection of these fences. They can be inexpensive and will protect your garden from smaller dogs.

These fences will be useful for keeping out smaller dogs, but you may have to use another option when your need to keep out larger dogs. There are some that are similar to those used around pools Oklahoma City contractors install that are quite a bit larger but will keep out larger dogs. So there may still be an option.

How To Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds: Hot Wire

A hotwire is a simple trick that has been used by farmers and ranchers for years and there is no reason that you can’t use it for your garden. This involves a small thin piece of wire stretched around the perimeter of your garden hooked up to a small current like a battery or an electrical outlet.

The hotwire will deliver a small shock to the dog similar to that of an anti-barking collar and use negative reinforcement to keep them out of your flower beds. This will not hurt the dog and will work to save your precious flowers.

Make sure you do both a high wire and a low wire so the dog cannot simple step over or go under it. You can use discrete wooden steaks to anchor the wire and it bill nearly invisible and won’t detract from the aesthetics of your garden that you worked so hard to achieve.

How To Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds: Chicken Wire

flower garden bedIf you have a very large and stubborn dog, chicken wire may be your only option. While not the most slightly of options, it will certainly keep your animal from breaking through the other two choices.

Thankfully, they make wire fencing similar to chicken wire that does not have the same look and it more invisible from the distance. If your dog jumps over your other options, you can always use this over the garden to prevent this.

This is not the easiest or prettiest option, so try the alternatives first.

Your can learn how to keep dogs out of flower beds and make your home and backyard gardens look good all year long. Pets can be stubborn, but you can be to. Be sure to use these tips so you can enjoy your beautiful gardens and flower beds all year long.

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