Are you in need of information on how to kill termites due to a serious infestation in your home? This guide aims to educate and motivate you to take action against these dangerous pests as soon as you possibly can. Whether you use baits and indoor fly trap, termiticides, or other methods, it is possible to have termite-free land and home. With the right knowledge and tools, you will be ready to rid your property of termites once and for all.

First you should know that this problem is more complicated than you may think at first. There is really only one way to completely eliminate an infestation problem, and that is to take out the entire colony of termites – queens included. These queens lay eggs and standby as “heirs to the thrown,” if you will, so just seeking out to take care of part of the insect colonies isn’t going to work in the long-run. Chemical solutions are often used to address this problem, as they can be spread over wide areas to account for all the possible locations of breeding and nesting.

Traps or baits are also common weapons of choice, as they provide a passive means to luring in the insects and then killing them. By attracting them to wood, you are able to confront them with a chemical designed to kill them by contact, ingestion, or transmission to their colonies.

Besides using termiticides in chemical form and baits to bring them in, some professional pest controllers suggest mixing anti-freeze and boric acid to pour down holes or infested areas. Please be especially careful if you attempt this method, and do some more research before you decide to go through with the process. You could possibly get a free consultation if you decide to contact a professional, just to get an idea of what kind methods are the best for you and what the termite treatment costwill be for your size of home.

If you are dealing with dry wood species of termites, you could opt for a fumigation method. This will not work for all types, however. It is important to consider which species you are wanting to get rid of. Fumigation is used to pump gases of vikane or methyl bromide into the house. Once this is done, the gases can remain sealed in the house long enough for them to seep into the wooden structures. This method is strictly reserved for licensed professionals, so please consider contacting one if you feel this is the best option for you.

Try not to feel the pressure that comes along with pest control – it’s not necessarily that difficult, as long as you do the research required. We recommend that you consult a professional if you are unsure of the proper ways of how to kill termites.

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