Are you a gardener just itchin’ to get out into the garden again? Well you’re not alone, we are loving it. The weather has finally reached the point we can get out working our gardens. The only thing that has held Jenny and I back is the bending and flexing. We can get down but it’s a little harder getting back up again. That’s why we’ve been looking at the advantages of raised bed gardening.

Raised bed gardening may be something you’ve already heard of but have you actually work with any? They are ideal for Jenny and I as we can easily work them without kneeling or bending over. We just sit right on the edge of the bed making it easy.

We can work so much longer and get to enjoy it even more because the raised bed gardens save our backs and knees. Plus we don’t look so funny when we’re trying to get back up on our feet. We laugh at each other but really it does suck.

Our vegetable garden is still an in-ground garden so we still need to kneel once in a while but I am enjoying raised bed gardening so much I am really thinking about turning our vegetable garden into a series of raised bed gardens because of all the benefits.

Raised Garden Beds?

Not everyone has heard of raised bed gardening although it’s named kind of gives it away as they are garden beds that are above ground level. They are like boxes with no top and just the ground as their bottom. You just fill them with topsoil and start planting.

I had only been thinking about wooden raised bed gardens but there are other materials that are used as well:

  • railroad ties;
  • cedar;
  • recycled plastic;
  • bricks;
  • cinder blocks;
  • stone.

This past weekend Jenny and I went to a local lumber store and bought some 2x12x12 lumber so we could build our first raised bed garden. We have two now but they were here when we bought our home and they have seen better days, for sure.

The raised bed I’m building will replace on of the existing beds as it started falling apart a year ago and won’t make it through another summer. I’m thinking if we do it right we can remove on a section at a time and replace it with the new lumber, without disturbing the existing soil.

Benefits We Get With Raised Garden Beds

  1. Raised garden beds are PERFECT for vegetables, flowers or both.
  2. Raised beds don’t have problems with drainage so our plants have healthier root systems.
  3. No more walking through garden beds which tends to compact the soil making for poor drainage. Leaves more air pockets in the ground for microorganisms.
  4. Less back pain!
  5. Plants can be spaced closer together as paths through your garden aren’t needed. Great for square foot gardening.
  6. Less weeding needed
  7. Less water needed as there is less open space for evaporation.

What If I Want to Buy My Raised Garden Beds?

Jenny and I went to a local store to buy the materials we wanted to build our first raised bed gardens. I had checked online before going and we were hoping to buy a recycled plastic raised bed garden kit but they were only sold online. Kind of disappointing.

If you do a search in Google for the following phrases you should find exactly what you’re looking for, just be sure to look at what is only available online before you head to your local stores.

Here is the searches I conducted:

  • “raised garden beds”;
  • “garden beds”;
  • “beds raised garden”;
  • “raised bed garden”.

Of course you can do your searches with or without the quotes. I also added the word Moncton to my search so I would find local stores.

I hope I have opened your eyes to raised bed gardening as it’s so easy and efficient to grow your flowers and vegetables.

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