Our family loves fresh plump strawberries, so much so that we have decided to double our production, maybe enough to preserve for winter treats and pies.

The Best Way To Start Strawberries

When planting your strawberries from their original pots they need to be planted to the correct depth or you could cause your strawberry plant to dry up before it takes root or rot from being to deep in the ground. The best guide is to plant them at the same depth as they are in their original pot.

Once you remove the plant from the starter pot you will see a definite market at the point where it was in the dirt.

Meeting The Needs Of Your Strawberry Plants

Your strawberries require plenty of water but not so much they drown. For this reason it’s wise to make sure you have soil that drains well. This will also keep your strawberry plants from getting diseases related to wet soil and plants.

Once the roots are established they will need less watering but when they strawberries start to show you want to start watering them regularly so you get nice plump strawberries. If you don’t give them enough water your strawberries my be small, drier with less taste. They may even form cracks if they are too dry.

Your Strawberry Plant’s First Summer

I was taught to pinch off any fruit that appears for the first year so that plant will get strong and healthy. This will give you much more fruit in following years, so it’s worth it.

The following year we have a huge crop of strawberries and they tasted so good it was hard to share any at all.

We use compost to feed our plants, strawberries included and seldom ever feed them anything else. We did learn that you could use tomato feeder if they need some help, just be sure to use it diluted, they like the potassium.

Taking Care of Runners

Our first strawberry plant was in a small pot we purchased at our local nursery. We moved it to a bigger pot when it quickly out grew the small one. Once I saw the runners started I decided I better get it in the ground. So we planted it in one of your raised beds.

Each node is actually a strawberry plant. So we just put dirt around each node, without covering the node and had a new plant started.

Once we had all the plants we wanted we started cutting the new runners to keep the rest of the plants strong and healthy.

Like I said we snipped off any blossoms for that first year and in no time it had grown to fill the 4×10 footy raised bed.

Using Mulch Around Strawberry Plants

Once you are happy with the number of stawberry plants you can start trimming runners to keep the main plants healthy. Then place mulch around the plants, without covering them. Make sure all the soil is covered so that the soil won’t heat up so much in the hot sun.

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