If you have problems with termite infestation, then it’s likely you are concerned about termite treatment cost. These little pests can destroy homes and buildings to a point beyond repair, so it’s crucial for you to take action now. You have some choices to make in this process, and we’re here to guide you along the way.

Professional or DIY?

Termite treatment cost is going to vary depending on several factors. First, are you looking to hire some professional help to treat your home or building? While this is a great way to avoid getting your hands dirty, it is not usually the most economical to address the problem of termites. There are some services, however, that you may be able to seek within your budget. On the other hand, you may be trying to stretch your dollars more and hoping to spend much less to get rid of these pests on your own with some DIY products. We’d like to give you an idea of the types of treatments available on the market so you can get the most from your money.

Some Considerations

If you want to perform chemical termite treatments on your own, you may have some trouble in the following situations. These are important to consider before you move forward. If your home happens to be on slabs, this will require some drilling to use the chemicals. This is also true for homes with basements. Mortgage companies will sometimes require a proof of treatment, and in that case you will need to have this provided by a pest control professional. Clearance letters and proof can only be accepted in this manner. Keep these things in mind if you are looking for a DIY project.

Types of Products

Using a combination of a liquid termiticide and baits is highly recommended by pest control professionals if you are up to this task on your own. You can either inject chemicals into soil, which will eventually clear out within a few years, or you can put bait directly in the ground around the building. This method is effective when you are unable to treat the land with traditional chemical termiticides, such as places near bodies of water. High-quality baits include the Isopthor Termite Baiting System, which has basic, elite, and pro kits, as well as the Advance Termite Bait & Monitoring System. Investing in a trusted brand and quality system for your treatment project is wise, so expect to spend a couple hundred dollars on the best you can find.

Termiticides are the least expensive part of this process, and many can be found online and in home stores. Multi-use products are available, but it doesn’t usually matter how versatile the product is as long as it’s known for eliminating termites. An example of a multi-use product is Permethrin, which controls over 75 different types of pests. This is ideal for people struggling with more than one problem, especially if you are dealing with both indoor and outdoor nuisances. Be sure to check on your local and state regulations for the use of these products, and keep in mind that many products are sold without guarantees. We wish you the best with your project, and we hope this article on termite treatment cost has helped you.

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